Frequently Asked Questions Page

Q: Do you have an age requirement to take one of your classes?

A: I have taught students from 12 – 80. It has been my experience that children under the age of 12 do not have the attention span necessary to complete this type of painting class.

Q: Can I bring a painting in to paint?

A: All the scenes for each class are pre-selected, but I will do custom landscapes from a photo that the students forward to me. I will paint them in advance and then, typically, will have a private class with that student to paint their picture with them.

Q: How many students are in your class?

A: I take a maximum of 4 students per class. This allows for lots of individual help.

Purchase a Paintinge

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: I will do custom landscape paintings from photo’s

Q: When will I receive my custom painting?

A: From the time I begin, each painting takes two weeks to dry completely, and then allow for shipping time.

Gift Certificates

Q: How will I receive my Gift Certificate?

A: All Gift Certificates are pre-purchased and then will be mail to the person purchasing the certificate, or can be mailed, with a custom note, to the person they would like to give the certificate to.

General Questions

Q: If I don’t live on Whidbey Island, can the painting I painted be mailed to me after it is dry?

A: Yes, for an additional cost of shipping your personal painting can be shipped to you.